FELA & Railroad
FELA Litigation
The Collins Law Firm represents individuals or railroads in claims being made under FELA. If a worker is injured on the job and makes a claim for damages, then we can represent them. If a railroad needs to defend claims brought under FELA, then we can defend the railroads.
We provide the following services:
  • Investigation of injury claims
  • Obtaining injured party medical records and reports
  • Locating and hiring liability and medical expert witnesses
  • Negotiating with claimant attorneys or railroad claims personnel
  • Trying cases in court before a judge or a jury
  • Representing clients in arbitration or mediation
  • Filing appeals if necessary
Railroad Crossing Accidents
The Collins Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered serious injury from railroad crossing accidents. The Collins Law Firm also defends railroad companies against claims being made involving railroad crossing accidents.
Ernest Collins has personally handled and investigated dozens of FELA claims and railroad crossing accidents. Mr. Collins understands railroad operating procedures and policies and the inner workings of railroad claims handling.
Contact The Collins Law Firm. We serve employees or railroad companies in the state of Arizona.